<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
04 Dec 2016 <\/div>

Instructor was super friendly, made me feel confident from the get go. Would love to have a go at Longboarding next. Such a fun experience.<\/p> <\/div>

<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
12 Jan 2017 <\/div>

good fun had by all <\/p> <\/div>

<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
21 Aug 2017 <\/div>

Amazing lesson and a very thoughtful gift. Would definitely recommend. <\/p> <\/div>

<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
29 Oct 2017 <\/div>

Perfect half term entertainment for my son. Very well organised! Definitely recommend!<\/p> <\/div>

<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
30 Nov 2017 <\/div>

i can only describe this experience as a fantastic day out! My camera is filled with wonderful memories of my time at Hyde Park. Envy of al my friends! I'll master the olly one day! <\/p> <\/div>

<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
07 Dec 2017 <\/div>

Booked a lesson for my son and his friend. I can quite honestly say that it was one of the funnest experiences we've done. I wish I'd booked myself a spot too! Haha- well done Adrenalin Hub. Good honest fun!<\/p> <\/div>

Lily <\/span>
<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
24 Apr 2018 <\/div>

Such a fun day - a great gift which was a surprise birthday present. Can\u2019t wait to do it again sometime soon.<\/p> <\/div>

Tracy<\/span> <\/h3>
01 Oct 2018 <\/div>

The teacher is amazing . He knows what my son needs and how to process with in patient an intelligent manner. My son now is more confident on his skateboard, thanks so much<\/p> <\/div>

Richard<\/span> <\/h3>
01 Oct 2018 <\/div>

My daughter and my son take lesson here and the teacher is very patient, friendly and always positive. Highly fecommend for those who need to book a skateboard lesson for your kids<\/p> <\/div>

<\/div> <\/div> <\/h3>
01 Oct 2018 <\/div>

My son only just started with skateboarding so the teacher concentrated on the basics initially and then on the second session showed my son some tricks he could practice. To be honest, the teacher was very encouraging and friendly Thank you , my son really enjoyed it. <\/p> <\/div>\n","comments_total":13}