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16 Aug 2017 <\/div>

Wow - the Ariel Atom.. I first saw these on Top Gear. Such a lovely surprise when opening this gift from my Nan. She knows I'm car mad! This experience certainly delivered. Great day out, friendly staff. Big shout to Ron one of the instructors. Lots of great tips to improve my lap times!<\/p> <\/div>

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02 Oct 2018 <\/div>

Great place, had an amazing morning. Staff all extremely friendly and knowledgeable. It's a really great set-up too, great facilities and a slick operation. Will definitely be back to book other driving experience<\/p> <\/div>

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16 Oct 2018 <\/div>

Such a brilliant day, friendly staff and professional racing drivers, encouraging you to go faster and get more and more out of the Atom while feeling completely in control. Can\u2019t wait to go back again!!!<\/p> <\/div>\n","comments_total":3}