Welcome to your Cretan Water Adveture!

We start off in the always calm waters of Loutraki bay, learning the basics about water safety and paddle board techniques on stances and strokes. Once you got your footing and  feel confident enough, we will paddle outside the bay, following the dramatic coastline of our beautiful island!

As you paddle on your board, you will be awed by the beauty of rock formations, caves and imposing cliffs around Loutraki and Marathi.

Enter huge caves, swim into hidden caverns with snorkeling equipment, enjoy gliding alongside the cliffs, practice moving up and down on the board, or just relax and enjoy the sun on your body.

All our tours feature experienced guides who will tell you about the unique environment you'll be visiting and about the history of the island.

This is an ideal tour for those who seek getting off the beaten track, away from tourist hoards and who enjoy exploring secret gems.

For more information on this recommended provider be sure to check out the SupInCrete website.

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