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Apr 30 2017
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Franky Zapata and his jet powered hoverboard

We all love a great invention, especially if it is something as awesome as a jet powered hoverboard. So, there were quite a few people around the world more than just a little bit excited about the creation by Franky Zapata that made an appearance during 2016.

The amazing invention by this incredible man first made an appearance as a viral video, which seemed to show a man riding a jet powered hoverboard. That’s right, in the real world.

Now, these above water floating boards had been seen for a few years, although these were always seen with a jet of water underneath them, and were known to be water-powered. However, with this video, it seemed that Zapata Racing, who were already famous for creating the aquatic boards, were on to something totally new.

Franky Zapata, the CEO of the company called them the Flyboard Air, and this is exactly how they appeared to those that saw the video.

Hoax or amazing invention?

Unsurprisingly, when the video went vital it was thought that it was some kind of advertising hoax, after all, nothing else had ever been seen like this. However, as time went on, it seemed that this was far from a fake, in fact, we were all witnessing one of the coolest things that had ever been invented.

The press and media were quick to jump on the idea of the Flyboard Air, and very quickly more and more details were released.

The basics

It seemed as though the concept of this amazing hoverboard had been in the pipeline for around 4 years prior to the video being released. The creators had initially worked with their original Flyboard design and simply pushed air inside the hose, rather than water. However, it wasn’t as simple as this, and it took time to really perfect the design.

The Flyboard is comprised of 3 parts. The board, the fuel tank and a remote control. The fuel tank is worn on the back of the rider and is full of kerosene. There are then four turboengines on the board which are controlled by a throttle on the remote.

How you stay in the air

The 1,000 horsepower that are created in the engines get you up in the air, but it is a combination of human balance and a logic system in the board that keeps it up there. This isn’t too unlike what is used in drone to keep them flat in the air. The creator says that in order to control it, you will need to practice on their water based version for at least 100 hours, which is good news considering that there is only one of them in the world!

Franky is a pioneer in technology, and whilst the Flyboard may only be a prototype, we are sure that it is going to become a fully fledged sellable product in the not too distant future. Not only this, but we look forward to the other things that this amazing guy can create!

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